Pastor Allen Brown
Founders of Christian Life Retreat
Pastor Allen Brown and Minister Melissa Brown


Welcome and thank you for visiting the Christian Life Retreat Center website.

June 2009, God has blessed our Ministry with the possession of what use to be the Water Gap Hotel and Resort Conference Center. This was truly a blessing from God. The property sits on 56 acres of land and can accommodate upwards of 700 people.



We will be honest and share that we are a work in progress. The center has been neglected for some time now and we are making upgrades often. However, it is functional and can be used today for your next church retreat or function.

We are looking to grow over the next few years with Christians who can understand and see the vision God has given us to restore the retreat center as well as provide a place to help restore and revive members of the body of Christ. Please explore our website and learn what we can offer your church group. We will be glad to speak with you and even invite you to come discuss how we can best accommodate your church.

Luke 6:12 -
Now it came to pass in those days that He went out to the mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God. The Bible states on a few occasion that Jesus went up in the mountains and prayed. It's very symbolic to the times when we need to get away, mediate, pray, focus on God, and get clear direction from God for our lives.

Christian Life Retreat Center is located in Delaware Water Gap, (PA) in the Pocono Mountain Area. We desire to give you a place in the Pocono Mountain where you can withdraw for prayer, study, meditation and reflection on God’s influence in your life.

We currently operate in the spring and summer months to provide affordable Christian conferences, retreats, and family vacations. Whether it's a meeting or a weekend reunion, we offer a wide range of accommodations and meeting spaces to suit groups from 25 to 700.

To make reservations or schedule an appointment please contact us today!